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Laundry Room Remodel Ideas & Designs

Laundry Room Remodel Storage Bins

Although we often don't think about it, utility spaces play an important role in our homes. With a bit of planning and work, you can make your ideal laundry room come to life. Texas Belle Homes wants to simplify your household chores by incorporating some of the following tips into your laundry room design. After purchasing your washer and dryer, think about installing some built-ins for your cleaning necessities. If you still have room to spare, consider what else the area can be used for, and set aside corners for other purposes like cabinets for storage, a sink, hanging station, or even a pet washing station. Once all the functional aspects are out of the way, you can finally incorporate those unique laundry room ideas to complete the makeover and liven up those mundane chores.

How do I add storage to my laundry room remodel?

As you look to various laundry room design ideas for remodel inspiration, remember to help it serve multiple functions by incorporating clever storage. Include built-ins, shelves and cabinets to store supplies like hangers, clothespins, sewing kits, irons and detergent. To ensure that you deal with clothes right away, give yourself a table nearby the washer for folding, a pull-out drying rack for hanging and a hidden ironing board for crisply ironed clothes. Making it a one-stop shop will ensure that all your chores get done at once!

What else can laundry rooms be used for?

If you have a smaller home, using your utility room for multiple purposes is a great space-saving technique. Because it often has an utility sink, it naturally is a great place to feed and bathe your furry friends. It also easily transitions into a mudroom, where you can store extra shoes, sports equipment and winter clothing. Think about what your family needs and incorporate those features into your laundry room design to start getting the most out of your space.

How can I decorate my laundry room?

With an array of laundry room decorating ideas at your fingertips, you will certainly find something that fits your fancy. Oftentimes, there isn't a lot of counter space in laundry rooms, so make use of the walls instead. Bright paint or wallpaper can help to make doing laundry less dreadful, while fun signs, posters, murals and wall decals can contribute to any style of laundry room design. Think of your storage containers as laundry room decor too; find bins, baskets and hangers with fun patterns and colorful fabrics to bring life to the space.

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